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What Are The Most Valuable Backlinks On SEO For Ranking Your Website?

Links are very important in SEO especially backlinks but not all links are helpful in SEO. Though it is most effective away of improving the ranking of one’s website in search engines, not all backlinks serve the same goal. Some don’t improve the rankings at all while others may have negative effect. Therefore, we have to focus on the backlinks that will give positive effects on SEO.

There are various characteristics which we can use to identify high quality backlinks from the others. SEO’s may have different point of views here but it does not mean that if the backlink lacks one or more characteristics, we should consider it as an inferior. If you can get a backlink that has all these characteristics then it is sure that you will yield good results.

Backlinks from Relevant Source

Search engines aims to provide relevant results to users so keep in mind that backlinks from relevant sources are one of the top important backlinks. If the search engines find the relevance on the linking site, the specific page or the content surrounding the link, it is logical to state that it will surely affect the rankings in a positive way.

Backlinks from Trusted Source

Aside from relevance, search engines also check whether a backlink comes from a trusted website/source. Trusted sources are those of high quality like Wikipedia, BBC and etc and are difficult to get links on. We can expect that backlinks coming from these sites will make a great impact on ranking. Search engines will think that since the link is from a trustworthy source, it means that site is of high quality also.

Backlinks that send traffic

This is commonly forgotten by most of us. The main purpose of backlinks is to add value to a page by directing visitors to contents or resources relevant to the topic of the page. Keep in mind that having a link in a prominent position in a trusted/relevant site will increase the chances of being seen and clicked on by visitors. Thus, increasing the traffic and making your site more popular.

Backlinks in contents

It is said that in-content backlinks are valued most by search engines. Why? It is simply because thay appear to be editorial links. Search engines assume that if the link is found in the content, the author of the content deems the link as an important one. Since search engines are after importance, we can think that links that can be found within the main content and towards the top of the page are important links for search engine.

Backlinks from a different source

If you compare 10 links from 10 different websites to 50 links from 3-4 website, search engines will choose the one that came from 10 unique websites. Search engine prefers to have links from a number of unique websites than to have numerous links from the ones that you are already linked to. In short, if you want the link to be high quality, it should be from another website which hasn’t already linked to you.

Backlinks that are not easily acquired

If you easily acquired a backlink then it may have lesser value. Search engines assume that if you get backlinks that easy, then the backlink is of low quality. But it if you got it from a website which rarely (or has high quality) release backlinks then your links is expected to boost the ranking of your site. The guys from recommend to take your time selecting the right backlinks to be created for your project since you should look a backlinks as a web marketing investment.

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Seo Tools

Some Essential Online Tools For Web Developres

Nowadays creating a website is not so difficult task as it was in the past. A lot of tools have been built to make web developer’s life much easier. For every aspects of web development such as typography, Color Schema, Wire framing, Boilerplates and CMS, you will find hundreds of tools and resources.

Below I have listed some of the most popular tools, separated by category, which will help you to be a great web developer.


Typography refers to the art and strategy of organizing type to make written language understandable and beautiful. It is one of the most important aspects of web development.

Google Web-fonts: Google offers a lot of web fonts for any web developer to make great use of. They’re completely free and very easy to apply in your website.

Font Awesome: Font Awesome provides you scalable vector icons that can be personalized quickly with the power of Style sheet language CSS.

Font Squirrel: It is a free tool that helps you to find almost all the fonts very easily.

Wireframe Tools

The most helpful Wireframe tools for designing mockup or prototype of website or mobile apps are given below.

Google Drawing: A useful tool that lots of web developers pass up is Google Drawing. It is a completely free Google service that you can keep on your Google drive. You just require a Gmail account to begin.

Moqups: Moqups is one of the most useful HTML5 application used for creating User Interface (UI), wireframes or mockups.

Layout and Boilerplates

960 Grid: Every great website designer should already realize the significance of using a foundational grid for layout design as it retains web design more usable for the user. And 960 Grid is the mostly used tool for designing your website layout

Bootstrap: It is probably the most powerful and popular front end design framework for making responsive and mobile friendly website

Foundation: It is another popular front-end framework for creating responsive website. It is the most advanced framework for front end development.

Skeleton (free): Skeleton is simply a great tool as starting point for any web designer. It is a really easy to use, light-weight structure which is beneficial for those who want to start without learning how the frameworks really work.

Color Schemas:

Adobe Kuler: It is a great web tool created by Adobe that enables web designers to create and edit color schemes of their own choice.

Colorzilla (free): ColorZilla is an awesome Google Chrome and Firefox extension which is really helpful for graphic designers and web developers. It helps designers in all tasks related to color – both basic and advanced.

Content Management Systems

WordPress: WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular open source and free Content Management System . It is the simplest way of creating free blogs or websites.

Joomla : Joomla: Joomla is another popular platform applied in millions of website. Like WordPress it is also open source and free to use. It is also very user friendly and mobile ready.

Drupal:   Drupal is an open source CMS platform which can be used to build everything from personal blogs to business applications. Millions of websites are powered by Drupal CMS.